Vinod Gupta is one of those unique individuals who has been able to take what life gave him and turn it into gold. He was born in India in a small village that went without many of the conveniences that are available to most people in the modern world. Instead of giving up on his life and accepting that he would always be a poor man, he did something about his situation. That something was to get a quality education that started in India at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) where Vinod Gupta earned a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He later moved to the United States where he studied at the University of Nebraska until he received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Vinod Gupta is the founder and General Partner of Everest Capital Partners, Inc., which operates out of Omaha Nebraska. The company, he built, focuses on helping startups in the database technology industry by providing them with venture capital.


This business is not his first business to be a huge success. He also founded InfoUSA, which later became InfoGroup, and he started that company with a measly $100 that was loaned to him by a bank. He grew it to be one of the largest in the industry and sold it for $680 million. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta.


Vinod Gupta has seen his business grow in the last couple of years, as well as before then, and he has noted that the scope of what his business offers is directly related to changes in technology. His clients desire more of what he offers as technology continues to grow, and many of the latest database technologies are really just modern versions of what his companies have offered in the past. Through his humble, open-minded demeanor and business savvy, Vinod Gupta has managed to maintain his success throughout whatever changes have occurred in the world around him.


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In exchanging marriage vows couples often promise to care for each other “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”. Even though these vows were written before mental health was recognized in the field of medicine they are no less important when dealing with depression.


According to Roseann Bennett – a licensed family therapist and Co-Founder of The Center for Treatment and Assessment – chronic, untreated depression is one of the root causes of an unhappy marriage.


Bennett estimates that, in a given year, 7% of adults in the United States are affected with major depression; however, depression itself is rarely the cause of divorce. Emotional distance, sadness, and other symptoms of depression can leave a spouse feeling alone, abandoned, and unfulfilled which causes the relationship to deteriorate. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


The spouse of the depressed person may experience symptoms of their own as the strain on the relationship grows. Anger and resentment may rise if the depressed spouse stops eating or starts overeating, no longer participates in family activities, stops working, or otherwise withdrawals from familial obligations.


In an interview with Ideamensch, Bennett says “The really tragic part, is that the depressed person often feels responsible, but they feel like they can’t do anything about it.”


Seeking professional help is crucial and a major step in getting the relationship back on track. Making that first appointment can be difficult and the depressed spouse may want to go alone at first but seeing a therapist together may give a couple valuable perspective on the issue. See Related Link for more information.


Often times the depressed spouse may fear judgement but Roseann Bennett wants to clarify that therapy is not about blaming or passing judgement, it is about helping the couple to recognize how they are contributing to the problem and what they can do to address these issues or behaviors.


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Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cosmetic surgery of the face, body, and breast. He has been in the industry for more than ten years. He has earned respect and trust on the quality of services he provides. He specializes in repairing as well as replacing skin, bone, as well as other tissues.


Services provided by Dr. Sam Jejurikar


He also performs hair transplant as well as reconstructive surgery of the hands and face. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar offers modern as well as state-of-art technologies like 3D preview imaging. This technology allows patients preview how their body will look like after the surgery. Besides providing excellent plastic surgery services, he also provides a unique skincare product collection.


Sameer Jejurikar has products that cure problems like fine lines, dark circles, as well as lost elasticity. Many people like him because he attends each patient as a unique person. Any time he meets a new patient, he tries to learn his current condition, his goals, as well as health history. He has the capability of helping individuals improve minor imperfections as well as completely changing the way they look. He treats every individual with dignity and respect. He is also committed to protecting every individual’s privacy.

Sameer Jejurikar welcomes new patients as well as potential patients to walk around the facility. He also offers a program called TouchMD that puts important information about the processes and procedures at the fingertips of patients. His practice accepts various types of insurance. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar says that the staff members at his facility are committed to ensuring that each patient gets into his or her dreams. He has done research and written many scholarly articles about his area of expertise.


More about Dr. Sameer Jejurikar


Sameer Jejurikar is an alumnus of the University of Michigan. He graduated from the institution with a distinction. After his undergraduate studies, he went back to the University of Michigan, School of Medicine. He studied preliminary surgery as well as plastic surgery for about eight years. He did his fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery in New York City. He is certified and licensed by various licensing bodies.

Sean Penn is not entirely flattered by the controversy surrounding his first book. He feels that the society is robbing fiction stories of their thrill when it looks at them as personal opinions. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff caused a stir months before it was released. Its discussions on Donald Trump and the #MeToo movement were taken out of context according to the former actor.

He uses a satirical tone to tell the story of a disillusioned middle-aged man. Bob Honey takes part in numerous odd jobs including using a mallet to assassinate some old characters. He is the main protagonist and takes center stage from start to finish.

When asked about the source of inspiration for Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he mentioned his experience behind the screen as an essential factor. The state of the nation also had a slight influence in a few chapters. Sean Penn shrugged off comparisons with other authors insisting that every writer seeks to express their thoughts based on their viewpoint.

Sean Penn had initially released Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff as an audiobook in 2016 but later chose to publish it. The 57-year-old was not worried about the reception his novel would get. He attributes this to the fact that he is quite advanced in age and is not afraid of making mistakes at this point in life.

This was not the first time he was writing a novel. His commitments had come in the way of his previous attempts. Sean Penn insists that he tried to paint a picture of the nation’s culture which he believes has very little to smile about. A lot of reviews think that he had the leadership of the country in mind especially when he talks about a landlord at the tail end of the book. Bob had penned a letter to the landlord to voice his grievances on a host of issues.

Sean Penn chose to give up acting for writing as the collaborations in the acting scene had lost their hold on him. He enjoys his new trade and believes that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is only a start. He has his eyes set on his legacy. Having excelled in his acting career, he is keen to earn a place among the top novelists.


Campaigns today are running much faster than the ones of the past few decades. Digital is in demand. Digital has replaced the slower methods of paper that campaigns traditionally had to use to collect their information. NGP VAN is a leading software provider that is on the forefront of creating the most up to date political technology.


The company’s expert programmers have created applications that are fully able to integrate with other political canvassing apps. The company’s applications are equipped with databases to hold sensitive information. Programmers have expertly made sure the application is safe from hackers and data loss. Strategies, powerful tools and data are all included in the application. With features like this, the software company has become very popular amongst progressives and democrats.


Barack Obama, one of those most famous democrats, used NGP VAN during his political campaigns in 2008 and 2012. The convenience of this technology made it more accessible to access voter information and promote voter turnout. The company’s software is being used again for the 2018 midterm election. By using this software, Democrats just may have the edge to have the House of Representatives and the Senate become won over by Democrats due to how advanced the software is. Time will only tell if the software technology is a game changer in this year’s upcoming election.


NGP is all about progression. They have rolled out a plan of how the company will continue to push to new heights. With a roster of political figures, corporations and labor unions using their software, they have a demanding audience that wants the latest technology to get the work done. New development for the company has began. New development work is focused on improvement and organization. The company wishes to make a political campaign’s database of voters more simplified and accessible. Marketing automation is important to the software powerhouse. Therefore, they are implanting this type of automation into their technology, making marketing more convenient for their users. They are working to make sure the candidates are empowered to operate and manage multi-channel campaigns from the web and mobile.

MB2 Dental is a firm that gathers many other people within the same practice. It entails a group of determined, united, and disciplined dentists who work together to fulfill their dreams in the industry. Chris Steven Villanueva is the able chief executive officer and founder of this great organization. MB2 Dental is concerned about their partners. Their major advice to people is to never be comfortable with settling for just a job. They advocate for something more. They blend the vision and values of the clinicians with that of the owners and practice. Most of the affiliated practice owners at MB2 Dental began in the firm as associates. The work environment is very pleasant. They incorporate peers into the work platform to support their dream. They ensure that due respect is earned in someone’s career. It provides a perfect opportunity to interact and work along with doctor mentors who are generous to help one grow their capacities in the dental industry.

At MB2 Dental, the practice goes beyond clinical delivery. It gives room for creativity. One can decide the kind of technology to use, services to offer, insurance covers to accept, payor mix, and strategies to actualize. There is no joint ownership. One delivers what they feel comfortable. The dentists will receive the required equity value. They avail valuations for big companies to the single practitioners. There is great support in every stage of the practice. Apart from the professional support and growth to experience at the company, MB2 Dental offers financial strategies that allow the dentists to invest in each other. This ensures that the practice values are well maximized. It provides a wonderful platform to support the vision of each other and allow others to be successful in their line of venture. MB2 Dental values the leadership, mentorship, and investment of dentists to fellow dentists. This defines a successful dentist. There is provision of unending financial support for anyone potential to thrive without feeling limited. Financial stability and growth in investment is key as well as the practice delivered. It is assured that whoever involved emerges out accomplished both professionally and financially. Strong strategies and values is what makes MB2 Dental. They create room for individuals with unique ideas.

The process of aging has long been viewed as something that is entirely unavoidable. Jason hope is looking to make a difference in the way that the world views aging. He believes that within our lifetimes it may be possible for individuals to halt and even reverse the aging process. However, this will not be possible without growing our understanding of the process of aging.

Jason hope is an entrepreneur who is a native of the state of Arizona. He continues to live there today he runs his business. He is also an avid futurist who supports the development of new technologies through his entrepreneurial endeavors. In particular, Jason hope is a strong proponent of biotechnology and the potential that it represents in changing our understanding of the aging process.

He recently donated $500,000 to a research foundation that is devoted to enhancing our understanding of the process of aging. The organization used this money in order to build a new laboratory at the University of Cambridge. At this new laboratory, the organization began to do research looking at metabolic waste products known as advanced glycation end products. Over the course of a human’s lifetime, advanced glycation end products build up within their tissues. This buildup of advanced glycation end products will eventually lead to the hardening of our body’s tissues and is a contributing factor in a number of ailments.

Jason hope stated that this new research was able to identify the most common metabolic waste products that build up in human tissues and has even begun to develop potential treatment protocols that can help to eliminate their presence from our bodies. The research that is being done at these laboratories is very different from the typical research that is done by the traditional medical community. In the traditional medical community, it is common to only look for treatments that target symptoms rather than the underlying causes of the symptoms.

If these substances are able to be eliminated from the human body, it will be possible to significantly increase the lifespans of individuals who have been affected by these metabolic waste products.

In addition to funding for research Jason hope also helps to fund efforts to influence the way that aging is perceived around the world. He believes that if you can get people to look at the process of aging differently than it will be possible to attract a greater interest in its treatment.

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The Equities First Holdings Australian expansion was done because they knew that they had a much larger market to tap into. The market is so large that they needed to open some new offices, and these offices are open to people who just want to walk in and chat with an underwriter.There are a few people who might need a fast loan because they need to get cash in their pocket. The businesses that come to Equities First for cash are taking out loans that do not have a specific purpose.

The Equities First staff gets the loans together as quickly as they can, and they give the people who take out the loans a much safer place to make payments.There is a strong online presence for this company, and the online presence of the company extends now to Australia. The Australian website for this company has all the pertinent information for the Australian customer, and the company keeps that website separate to inform their customers.Someone who wants to use the Equities First Holdings Australian offices for financial help should call or walk into the office. They must see a loan package laid out that is easy to pay off and use.

He is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies (UTC) Corporation. Back in 2008, Louis Chenevert also was President and Chief Executive Officer. Then in 2010, he took the Chairman position and stayed in that capacity until retirement in 2014. Louis Chenevert has had a long enduring career. One that spans over a 14 year cycle while also working with General Motors leading as the Production General Manager in the St. Therese operation within the organization. Louis Chenevert’s banking background comes from joining Goldman Sachs as the Senior Industry Advisor inside the Merchant Banking Department from 2015 to 2017. In addition to this role, Chenevert maintained membership with the Business Council and he US-India CEO Forum. While he served on the Board of Directors at Cargill Inc, he took on the impressive title, last year, as Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.


Louis Chenevert explains that the concept for UTC came from several executives, small strategic teams and a desire to tackle customer needs and provide killer products that met a 30 year product cycle goal. Chenevert adds that those ideas became a reality when they focused on acquiring exceptional talent in operations and engineering. The goal was to have these individuals drive the concept of going far beyond a customer’s expectation and increase revenue with support staff. He states that they used tools, autonomy and funding to small teams and leadership to help change and strengthen products. It was highly important that all objectives where met.


Chenevert says the one trend that sticks out the most to him is the speed of technology. This has developed a list of opportunities for his organization far into the coming years. He goes on to mention his habit of productivity as an lone entrepreneur is not necessarily just one thing, but having a persistent follow up and sharp focus are some of the key things that have catapulted his success professionally. In the end, Louis Chenevert stresses to one should always surround themselves with winners and those who find issues early in the game.

There are sports enthusiasts that play the game for fun and for the sheer amusement of playing it. However, there are also sports fans that go deep. They go to the core of the game, and play it as if their life depended on it. They derive meaning from the sport, and the victory they have feels like a definite form of what they are and what identity they would become. Whether it is for fun or for meaning, the passion of Rodrigo Terpins for Brazilian rally sports is there, and will never fade. He is even now one of the most recognizable Brazilian rally drivers that help define the landscape of the game in ways that only the best and most persevering are able to do.



The Bull Sertoes Rally Team



We know already from a lot of news today that Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which is a tournament that is one of the best in Brazil, and that is sought after by so many sports enthusiasts. With the brother Michel Terpins, Rodrigo is able to compete in the race with a level of dedication and passion that is unrivalled, unmatched and unbeaten. We should also say here that the race that almost threatened the life of both brothers paid off, because it led them to receive the 7th Position in the 22nd Edition of the race, under the T1 Prototype category.



The Investor and Supporter



Aside from racing, we also know that Rodrigo Terpins is an active investor for T5 Investments, and was also the Director of Operations at the Shopping Marisa, where his work involves Strategic Planning and Commercial Automation. We may be able to indicate here, too, that Rodrigo is an active supporter of various causes, including programs under the Science and Technology division, culture and arts, and environment. You can visit




With the kind of dedication he has for commercial pursuits mixed along with the desire to win in sports, Rodrigo Terpins becomes a man of both worlds and a man with diverse and assymetric interests that truly benefit him in ways that can generate his creativity, logical thinking and instincts.