Barbara Stokes, the founder of Green Structure Homes, has been the answer to disaster relief since 2012. The dynamic leader created Green Structure Homes in 2008. This is a disaster relief construction company that specializes in quality modular homes. The keen professional recognized an indelible gap in the construction industry, in relation to community support after natural crises and disasters. Mrs. Stokes moved forward from her career with Boeing and Pisces Corporation to co-creating a disaster relief solution for disaster-stricken communities. Her husband Scott Stokes is the co-founder of the company. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Green Structure Homes in a leader in manufactured homes. These types of homes are much different than mobile homes. They are made of premium material and are prefabricated indoors opposed to outside. The modular homes that Barbara Stokes and her company customizes can withstand when up to 175 miles per hour. Mrs. Stokes has vast knowledge surrounding construction and contracting due to priority work and education experiences. She brings cutting edge technology, construction planning, engineering, and architecture to the company.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, and flooding take a devastating toll on a community. Fortunately, companies such as Barbara Stokes’ Green Structure Homes are in place to provide immediate rescue and support. FEMA works along with the company in order to accomplish recovery efforts and community goals. Redemption begins with securing families with viable residences, then restoring employment, education, and other important facets of livelihood. Green Structure Homes play a significant role in overcoming search hurdles.


Barbara Stokes and her company has provided excellent services to private and government clients. Green Structure Homes utilizes wood and steel materials for infrastructure purposes and deliver modern features with every home installation. The company is an avid proponent of going green and sustaining the environment. They provide energy efficient and ecologically friendly homes. Barbara Stokes continually looks for ways to improve her business model. She understands the brevity of such devastations. Her goal is to ensure that devastated communities in need of housing receive the best residential quarters in a short period of time. Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes are a relevant and crucial element in the restoration of disaster affected communities around the United States. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

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