Securus provides cutting-edge technologies that connect individuals on a peer to peer basis, thus allowing them to connect in ways that were previously difficult or required large amounts of technology. Securus uses phone to phone and video to video services to allow businesses and jails to offer their customers the best possible communication services’ technology has to offer. With $.21 and $.25 rates varying state by state, the company offers a diverse selection of rates that cater to the needs of individuals and businesses without being extremely overpriced and not fordable. Prepaid services are also available for users who are looking for a way in which to connect with each other without having to worry about the minute to minute rates in the market.


Invaluable Services

Securus services offer unique jail voicemail services that allow users to be able to call their loved ones in jail and leave a message without having the stress of ever missing their call. With how sought after and valued jail phone time is, Securus phone calls have created an ability to provide phone calls that allow families and loved ones to never miss a call with those they have known in which are in jail. These phone calls provide users with incredibly valued voice time. Securus has always taken the mission of putting the two parties first over the service itself and utilize the service as a means of catering for the needs of the individuals at hand.


Success and Praise

Securus Technologies is a company dedicated towards video and phone communication. Their services have provided people with an easy and affordable way to communicate with each other through video chat and dedicated voice lines. Their efforts have been recognized by many businesses, and they continue to be one of the most praised communication tech companies in the market today.


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