Messy Beginning

When two Harvard students with a very messy roomie decided to join forces to start an on-demand cleaning business, they had to get their hands into the dirty business of fund-raising to make a go of the concept. With 110 million in venture capital money, all founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua had to do was launch a new business model in two of their targeted 28 markets.

Using an Uber-like format, the co-founders visualized supplying households across America with quality, vetted cleaning services on an as-needed basis, requiring little lead time. This app-based concept was an idea the Hanrahan and Dua were sure would succeed, but they required time and experience to address many painful challenges.

For example, they learned that people evaluate success in cleaning differently from success in getting a lift from one place to another and that satisfying customers was substantially more difficult than anticipated. Software complications in the early stages also made for long, unhappy hours as they tried to match cleaners with assignments, process payments and payroll and manage a large number of customer service calls.

Cleaning up Their Act

Just as was starting to stabilize, capital investments took a nose-dive and the company had another hurtle to jump. They had to make financial readjustments to meet the limited additional influx of funds that included difficult decisions such as laying-off newly-hired employees and replacing some jobs done by humans with bots, about which neither man was happy.

However, taking time to make changes and offering an expanding menu of services such as moving, electrical and painting has set Handy on strong footing. Handy has increased customer density while pausing its expansion into new markets which has at last led to profitability. They still struggle, but now it looks as if they are about to clean up in the competitive home services business. Visit for more info.


All companies need a large monetary base to function. They need it to pay for supplies, capital equipment, and employee paychecks. Raising such money is a huge problem for business seen on Facebook. Success can bring contracts that promise bigger profits, but companies need constant cash to accomplish what they want with contracts. The most challenging problems is how to raise money, who to get it from and the kinds of financial steps to look forward. These are important questions for the future viability of a business.

Most of the time, lawyers have to step in to oversee the whole funding procedure. The law firm of Kaye Scholer did this with IAP Worldwide Services a few years back. IAP Worldwide Services owed $354 million to first lenders. First lenders usually have the first right to cash raised or any property of a business. IAP owed another $125 million to the second group of lenders known as second lien lenders. Kaye Scholer successfully represented IAP Worldwide Services through the series of legal disputes.

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History of IAP

IAP’s history dates back to when it was first established in 1953 under the name Pam Am World services. The company successfully built the first space launch located in Florida. IAP Worldwide Services has since supported testing in more than 2,000 launches. For the 60 years that the firm has been in operation, IAP has acquired a full facility support and global logistic companies. The company’s services have expanded to include construction management, airport master planning, and engineering services.

IAP’s next historical step was in 1989 where it was acquired by Johnson Controls to form the great Johnson Control Worldwide Services. IAP Worldwide Services grew to become an innovative and technology-forward company. It strived to increase energy efficiency through automation in facility fire, security, environmental control and lighting. The firm eventually became a leader in maintenance and management of commercial and military services.

IAP Worldwide today

IAP Worldwide service runs three lines of businesses; technical and professional services, base operation support, and global logistics and operations. The firm built its image through solving sophisticated challenges when responding to multiple changes in the environment. IAP Worldwide Services has extended its pursuit of growth to include other companies such as G3 systems. G3 was a British engineering firm that operated in different parts of the world. IAP avails its services to approximately 200,000 personnel in the USA and Middle East region. The company has over 2,500 employees that work in over 110 countries.

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Title defects can have serious effects to property owners. In the recent times, these errors have become very popular. Title defects are a leading cause of concern in the real estate industry. The professionals in the department understand that these errors lead to wrongful foreclosures and the stagnation of smooth transactions that take place in the ever- changing real estate sector.


Nationwide Title Clearing is an institution that specializes in property records in the United States. According to the management of the establishment, property records make sure that investigators get proper title clearance conveyance. These property records are crucial when it comes to reducing the risk of buybacks and failed foreclosures. The professionals at the company advise all property owners to ensure that all documents that are important are kept well if they want to avoid getting in serious trouble in future.


When it comes to matters concerning research and document processing industry, Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leaders. The successful private owned company was established several years ago, and it ensures that individuals in the mortgage and finance department get the solutions they need. The reputable organization has been doing well in all its operations. The company has made sure that all the processes in the industry are simple to all the stakeholders. Nationwide Clearing is considered to be one of the fastest growing private owned businesses in the country due to its achievements.


Nationwide Title Clearing recently announced that it had created an updated website for all the property owners in the country. According to a news release from the successful establishment, the site will make sure that all relevant property reports that are needed by consumers are available on the internet.


The organization had recently noticed indicated that title defects were happening because individuals or groups had laid claims in properties that were already owned by other institutions or people. Some more factors that could result in title defects include:

  • The absence of the necessary signatures on the records. Without these signatures, the documents are considered to be invalid.
  • If the past owners have not yet been removed from the title.
  • Any statements in the record that have not complied with the real estate regulations.
  • If the official filing and recording guidelines haven’t been followed, particularly when the documents are in the process of being recorded.

The Nationwide Title Clearing website will be the best way to reduce these issues. Property owners in the country will be able to know if their documentation is perfect.

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WEN cleansing conditioners are an example of a quality product that can withstand the ultimate test, time. From all over, women have been finding results by using the QVC advertised hair care products, which is probably due to the fact that it is an all natural product that greatly nourishes the hair. Also, WEN’s unique formula allows it to be effective on every woman’s hair, no matter how thick, curly, oily, dry, or damaged it may be. This is thanks to Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN cleansing conditioners. He went through endless tweaking to perfect his formula, this way he could ensure it was not only effective at cleaning the hair, but also affordable for women who wanted to have healthier hair.

There was a well done review by Emily McClure, blogger for Bustle Magazine and enthusiast for hair care, in which she details her experience using the WEN cleansing conditioner for 7 days. Being a skeptic, she had no good thoughts going in, as she had many products in the past that failed to deliver on her very fine hair. The first thing she noticed was how thick the product was, and with such a rich texture she was nervous to use much of it, so she used much less than recommended. This turned out to be great for her fine hair, and within a few days she started seeing results, with glamorous looking hair by the end of the week, which she was confident enough to post pictures of along with the review.

Chaz Dean spent a lot of time making sure his product could work on all different types of hair for women, and even after a decade his product is still working wonders on women’s hair. The best part is women can obtain these results within the comfort of their own homes rather than a pricey salon, as each bottle of WEN can be ordered online for around $40 dollars. See,

For more info, visit Wen’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Geoffrey Cone feels that he is an expert on New Zealand because he comes from the country and because he has worked as a global attorney helping people make the move to New Zealand. There are some things, though, that Geoffrey Cone wants to clear up about New Zealand and about the way that things are done in the country.


People who want to move come to Geoffrey Cone because he is a global attorney. He is an expert at making international moves and this is something that he is confident in because of the way that different things work. There are many different ways that people can do different things when they work with Geoffrey Cone. They can be sure that they will have a better experience by hiring an attorney like him to get things done when they are making a move.


It is quite often that Geoffrey Cone sees people who are considering moving to New Zealand. The people who want to move there choose to do so for various reasons but one of the biggest that he sees is because of taxes. People who move to New Zealand think that they will be able to save money on taxes because they are sure that the country has a reduced rate on taxes for people who make a lot of money. It is rumored that the country may even be tax free for people who make money there and who want to keep it.


Sadly, New Zealand does not offer tax free living. It is a country that has taxes that are similar to other countries that are developed and have economies like it, but the taxes are nowhere near free. It is important that people understand that and Geoffrey Cone wants to get the point across so that people are not disappointed. What New Zealand does have and what might be causing the confusion is tax transparency. This is something that means that the country is open about the taxes in the country. They publish all of the information on their taxes on a yearly basis so that people can expect what they will be paying for the taxes that they have.


Even though people cannot get tax breaks for living in New Zealand, they can get a reduced amount of taxes in the different countries around the world. Geoffrey Cone wants to make sure that people are able to move to these countries. These are countries that are published on a list that Geoffrey Cone works with to make sure that they will be able to save money. People who make a lot of money are the ones who will benefit from having tax havens.