You might be tasked with organizing a company meeting, or you may want to put on a special party for a loved one. But when you start thinking about the details, you realize you’ve taken on a big, complicated project. That’s when you need to call in an event planner. However, choosing the right professional event planner takes a little planning in its own right! Here’s some tips to guide your selection process.

Before you start your search for the perfect event planner, decide what you want to accomplish. You’ll want a different type of event for a corporate meeting compared to a family get together, and probably a different venue. You also want to think about who will be there and when the event will take place. In addition, think about what you want the event planner to do. Do you need catering? How about hotel rooms forr out-of-town guests? Finally, make a realistic budget estimate.

Now it’s time to start looking for event planners. Check with professional organizations of event planners and caterers. Hotels, convention centers and your chamber of commerce are good sources of information. These organizations can suggest event planners that are experienced, reputable, ad which have a range of services that would be a good fit for you. Interview your top three candidates, and meet with a representative in person if you can. Discuss your needs whit each. Check their references and choose the best event planner for your project.

Listen to your event planners ideas. Work out the details. Make sure the event planner will furnish all the services you’ll need, including transportation and hotel rooms. Be sure to get a clear idea of the terms, fees and actual budget before you sign a contract.

If your event will be held in New York City, consider Twenty Three Layers, which bills itself as one of the best event planning companies NYC. Twenty Three Layers has experience and a commitment to creating a fun and functional experience. This has made them a leader among event planners in NYC. They provide full planning services and work with some of the top vendors in the city.

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