Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm offering personalized, comprehensive financial planning to affluent families, small business owners, and families in Austin. The company has a high presence in New Braunfels, Georgetown, Bastrop, Marble Falls, and Houston. Financial markets are always changing, and the firm has a strong belief that financial strategies must change and adapt as well. Wealth Solutions is always looking for opportunities to offer dynamic, but conservative solutions that enable customers to take part in the positive aspects while still focusing on reducing risk at the same time.

As most customers are approaching retirement and planning for the same, the company understands that the clients’ main goals are to preserve wealth, develop retirement income, and leave behind a legacy to their inheritors. The company’s core objective is to assist their clients to develop a comprehensive financial plan that can help them in achieving their retirement goals.

Behind every success story of a company, there are people working day and night. One such individual is Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions. His idea was to make a considerable and positive difference in the lives of small business owners, families, and individuals. His wife, mother, and grandmother being teachers Blair was always fascinated by the education world. He witnessed his firsthand the impact teaching can help one to grow in knowledge and confidence. His desire for education combined with his natural aptitude for finance made him realize he could assist people with financial planning and investments.

Upon graduation, Richard Blair immediately went into the financial service industry in 1993, and in 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions to offer objective and unbiased advice to his clients without conflicting interests. Over the years, Blair sharpened his skills and knowledge in retirement planning. He specializes in assisting customers to bridge the gap between planning for and living in retirement. He provides the clients with retirement strategies in income planning so that they avoid common pitfalls. His main goal is to help them chase their dream of a successful retirement. Blair boasts of over twenty-years of experience.

The company thrives in three main areas namely: wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. The Wealth Solution team is committed to building a lasting relationship with their customers. They are passionate about their business and are uncompromising in their pursuit of excellence. The team together with his team works hard to ensure that the financial concerns are handled with appropriateness and expediency. The company is located in the beautiful hill country of Bee Cave located west of Austin, Texas.

I have let my dogs try a ton of different foods. There is so much dog food out there. It can be very tiring to see all of the food that dogs are presented with, but I have learned that Beneful is the best. It offers more flavors than all the other foods out there that I have purchased from Wal-Mart stores for my dogs in the past.
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I have another dog, a hound dog that I picked up from an animal shelter, and I have not discovered any food from Beneful that he would not eat. I have let him try the Beneful Chopped Blends, and he seems to cherish this food. I was surprised since the food contained vegetables. I thought that he would respond to this food the way that humans tend to respond to vegetables. I was so wrong. He has loved the vegetables and the fruit accents that have been embedded in this Beneful brand.

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I have also let my dogs try beneful.com products . This is the first wet food meal that I have purchased from Amazon.com

Beauty tips are not hard to come by online. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that present some form of beauty tips that can be helpful to the novice or expert makeup consumer. Women love what other females from different parts of the world are saying about new makeup styles. Females like to get advice from a lot of different sources, but there are some women that become subscribers of a single channel. There are some people like Wengie that manage to get people to check out channels and follow her because they are familiar with what she is talking about.

There are a lot of subscribers that sincerely depend on Wengie to provide the style and makeup tips that they need. People like to try new things, but they want to get the proper guidance before they do these things. That is what Wengie does. She gets involved in experimenting with new brands and she formulates a plan. She discovers the best way to do something like Smokey Eye or other intriguing styles. She may enlighten people on how to do the Lipstick Tattoo style. All of these different types of makeup shades and styles will become something that builds her video archive.

Women like Wengie that are able to apply cosmetics are really paving for women that need help. There are a ton of women that are signing up for social media and also following Wengie on Twitter where she is known as Miss Wen. There is also a full Wengie website as well. This allows her to cover all of the bases in the social media atmosphere. She is young, and she keeps up with all the latest makeup trends. Wengie knows how to stay on top is what is hot, and she is the mouthpiece that serves as an excellent middleman between celebrities and the working class.

Wengie is someone that knows how to check out what people like singer Arianna Grande are doing and duplicate this style. She is then able to tell you how she did it and that helps viewers copy this.


Andy Wirth is highly regarded as a successful businessman and athlete. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Wirth has had an large amount of success with corporations. His business life on http://tahoetopia.com/news/interview-squaw-valley-ceo-andy-wirth, however, is not the only place Wirth has overcome life’s challenges. As an avid athlete, Wirth often participates in a variety of sporting activities, including sky diving. One one sky diving trip Andy Wirth’s life changed significantly due the fact that he sustained a serious injury. While most individuals who hear Wirth’s story are inclined to believe that this injury was one of the worst things to ever happen to him, Andy Wirth on ironman maintains that it was a challenge he needed to face and overcome.

Andy Wirth was enjoying a common sky diving trip with his friends when his life changed forever. Andy Wirth was forced, after jumping from the plane, to land in a vineyard which is a dangerous place for sky divers to land. Wirth was impaled by a large pole that the vineyard owners were using to promote the growth of the grape vines. Wirth described the incident during an interview about surviving sporting accidents on kcrw.com. He stated that blood immediately started rushing out of the place on his arm where he had been pierced. His history as a country ranger had made him familiar with isolated trauma incidents and he knew that it was important for him to keep calm and not resort to a state of shock. Andy Wirth kept himself calm by humming the words to a pop song he knew and waited for help to arrive. He also kept the vital artery in his arm plugged with his fist, knowing that allowing the artery to bleed freely would probably lead to his death on http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768 through loss of blood. It took nearly 20 minutes for someone to find Andy Wirth in the vineyard. Wirth has, however, taken a possible tragic situation and used it to grow.

Unrest in Venezuala is growing as opposition to President Nicolas Maduro faces and all time high. Venezuala is currently facing an economic crisis, but despite the plans of the opposition, Maduro will stay in office for now. According to the National Assembly, there is not legal precedent for Maduro to be removed from office by anyone but the National Assembly.

Maduro is being blamed by David Osio for the economic crisis. He has lost favor with the general public since December, when the opposing party gained control. According to Routers, 2/3rds of the population of Venezuela believe that Maduro’s term as president should end at the end of the year. Maduro says that he plans to stay in office until his term ends in 2019.

Some members of the National Assembly are planning to vote to shorten the term length of the President of Venezuala, which many of them say is much too long. They have also spoken publicly about their plans to call a recall election, which could also end Maduro’s term earlier. Maduro has spoken out against his opposition, saying that party leaders are planing a coup to oust him, but party leaders have denied this.

There is no clear evidence that either side is planning to use military force, but it is clear that things are heating up in this small South American nation.

FreedomPop is a new cellular wireless provider that is taking the world by storm. It offers its users access to free unlimited talk, free unlimited text and 500MB of data each month, all for free. It is truly a deal that is the first of its kind. This freemium plan is free for an entire year then only cost $10.99 annually. For only $5.99 on a monthly basis, the user has access to unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data. With the $5.99 plan users also have a host of other benefits. They are able to have access to over 10 million different hotspots throughout the United States, bring their own device, and use their phone anywhere in the world.

FreedomPop’s whole business model is based off of acquiring data wholesale from a supplier and then passing those savings along to their customer base. They simply make their revenue by selling additional features to the standard packages that come with monthly and annual plans. FreedomPop is ever so prevalent in the U.S. and the UK, but is looking to expand into countries in Asia, Africa, and South America in the upcoming years. This plan is definitely within reach, considering they were able to muster together a second round of seed funding worth $50 million, to further expand. The story was first reported by RCR Wireless. For more information please feel free to click here.

A Bustle editor was tired of dealing with her thin, lifeless hair, so she decided to see if WEN by Chaz was up to the challenge to breathe life into her limp locks. To put the cleansing conditioner to the ultimate real life test, she used that product exclusively for one week and wrote all about her results. For anyone skeptical of her claims that the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner really does transform lifeless hair into a volumized mane complete with shine and bounce, just check out the before and after pictures in the article for actual proof. She decided that she would continue to use the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner product after the challenge for any time that she is looking to give her hair a little extra TLC and infuse some shine into her normal style.

Wen by Chaz  Dean has been on the hair care market for years as a cleansing conditioner that combines the effects of shampoo, conditioner and detangler all in one. It has received countless positive reviews on totalbeauty.com, including incredible celebrity testimonials from Brooke Shields and Angie Harmon, who both swear by the Wen by Chaz products for their daily hair care routine.

Wen by Chaz uses a formula which is sulfate free and tested to make sure that it cannot damage hair over time. In fact, by using WEN by Chaz on a daily basis, your hair can actually become healthier and more vibrant over time. Using Wen by Chaz as a part of your hair care routine can also save you significant time and money because it saves you from having to use multiple products to wash and condition your hair as well as extra steps in the process. Wen by Chaz is available for order online along with other styling products.