Eucatex is a major construction supplier in South America, and their company is currently under the leadership of Flavio Maluf. Flavio is a member of the founding family of the company, and this article explains how Flavio’s background is making the company more competitive than it ever was. Someone of such a varied background offers leadership and perspective that was once not available to people in his position.

#1: Flavio’s Engineering Background

Flavio has an engineering degree from university, and his engineering degree qualifies him to talk to the manufacturing team on their level. Flavio understands how engineering and manufacturing work, and he works with the people who are in Eucatex plants every day. Flavio has the ability to work hands-on with his people, and that ability makes the company more competitive among its rivals.

#2: Flavio’s Business Background

Flavio was not satisfied to simply have an engineering degree after leaving school. He took it upon himself to work for Citibank in Brazil, and his time spent at Citibank showed him how businesses are run. Flavio’s business acumen is much higher than most people with his educational background, and he sees the big picture for his company that others do not. He is willing to streamline operations, work to save money and create new streams of revenue that may not come from a traditional engineer.

#3: Why Must Eucatex Progress?

Flavio is working quite hard to make Eucatex competitive because of major development in Brazil. The World Cup and Olympics have started a development boom in the country that is creating opportunities for everyone. The company is providing paint for large buildings, construction supplies for builders and construction supplies that may be bought in retail locations. Flavio has put the Eucatex name all around Brazil to provide more exposure for the company. Someone who has not yet heard of Eucatex will soon know the name.

Eucatex is a family-owned business that is fortunate to have Flavio Maluf as its leader. Flavio is one of the few people in engineering who understands business, and he took it upon himself to learn both sides of the trade. He speaks directly with the management in all his factories, and he works the boardroom to ensure his company is healthy. Eucatex is sure to be participant in the continued development of Brazil, and Flavio will ensure that the company remains relevant for as long as possible.

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