Once in a great while a benefactor develops who desires to help others as he or she had been helped. Alexei Beltyukov developed into such a caring and beneficial success story who aids many others in attaining similar success.

He earned his Master’s Degree in 1997 from INSEAD and declares it was an epiphany that opened his mind to business instead of medicine and launched his path to success.

His First Pay Back is Large
Alexei Beltyukov and some of his classmates have collaborated to found The Russian Alumni Scholarship to help out students of their appreciated alma mater. $150,000 has already been pledged. The INSEAD school has now expanded to three campuses.

Beltyukov continues to make inroads and innovations to every part of the business world which he discovered later in life than most successful business giants. He has consistently created new businesses from his own passion and imagination, and each of those businesses have become noteworthy and helped drive his success even higher. Reading the list of his created businesses is like reading a set of building blocks, as seldom does a year go by without an new and intriguing commercial undertaking from the tireless business maker. The respect of the business community is showered upon the fine Russian man who believes in giving back. He often refers to the fact that his own nurturing and assistance enabled him to study while still working to feed his family due the lean years.

Beltyukov also personally uses the social media online such as Twitter to spread the seeds of his philanthropic way of life. Many of his contemporaries as well as new generation students follow his words of paying back on the social media site.

Educational Field Innovation
In April of 2015 Mr. Beltyukov launched SOLVY for high school students which allows teachers to administer customized learning exercises. Students have ability to work online for homework assignments. These exercises have no easy multiple choice questions. Students not only put in answer but must demonstrate their process at arriving at the answer.

Both teachers and students are reportedly very enthusiastic about Mr.Beltyukov ‘s latest creation. He has merged creation of a new business into creation of a new vanguard of education and learning. SOLVY.com is another wonderful example of progressive thinking combined with a different way of teaching. Both society and the educational platform need more Alexei Beltyukov’s.

A New Era?
The story of Alexei Beltyukov is even more impressive due to the fact that word of Russian business masterminds is seldom heard in the Western World. Philanthropy is also seldom encountered in reading about successful Russians. The light shining upon this man could be the beginning of a Russian philosophy.  There’s more information on About.me about Alexei and what he’s done.

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