InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare company that specializes in providing coverage through Medicare Advantage Plans as well as offering physician practice services. The company is lead by physician and chief executive officer Penelope Kokkinides and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides. Under the leadership Rick Shinto, the company has been able to help provide the best healthcare available by offering comprehensive health coverage to patients and also assistance for healthcare organizations to help them improve their operations. With these benefits, InnovaCare Health has established itself as one of the top healthcare companies in North America over the last few years. Their expertise has helped a number of patients get the highest quality care and have helped healthcare organizations provide the best service available.

With InnovaCare Health, patients can take advantage of health insurance plans known as Medicare Advantage Plans. These are policies that give patients health insurance coverage through private companies along with subsidies from the Medicare program. As a result, these plans are ideal for senior citizens who are on a budget. With these health plans, patients can use a number of different types of plans such as Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations and also Medicare Medical Savings Account plans. By using these plans, patients can get the affordable access to healthcare they need.

Once a patient gets a Medicare Advantage Plan, they will get comprehensive coverage for many healthcare costs. The plans cover a number of healthcare expenditures such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, surgery, x rays and also MRI’s. Since healthcare can be quite costly, it is important that patients have the financial compensation necessary to easily cover these costs on With all of these expenditures covered, people will be in better position to ensure that they get the medical care they need at an affordable rate.

Along with providing Medicare Advantage plans for patients, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services. These are services that specialize in helping healthcare organizations operate better and reach their goals. InnovaCare Health will help these healthcare organizations purchase and use the most updated technology, keep medical records more organized and also provide advice on how to give the best patient care. The company InnovaCare Health strongly emphasizes the value of patient relationships as well as using the best tools to ensure that patients get the medical care that they deserve. With physician practice services, InnovaCare Health assists all healthcare organizations in helping patients get the most out of their healthcare experiences. See:

From the time that we are in school we begin to understand the sheer importance and value of a reputation. We learn about what it can be like to exist in a world where we have a poor reputation, as well as, what it feels like when we have a positive one. Once we grow up and enter the professional arena, it is just as important to have and maintain a positive reputation and manage how you Brand Yourself.
With the evolution of technology over the last several year our reputations, both personal and professional, exist online more than anywhere else. It has become easier than ever to publish or post information no matter how factual it is to the internet. In just seconds a person can put out an opinion on the web and present it as fact to try to persuade or inform others about a person, product, or service. This can easily be proven by googling any business or celebrity and seeing the articles that pop up. Sure enough at least a few of them will be from sources that are biased in one way or another. That is why it is more important than ever for people to monitor their online reputations.

Many people do not know how important it is to manage their online reputation or even if they do, they do not know how to go about managing their online reputation themselves. Another reason that many people do not bother to manage their online presence and reputation is that it can often be very time consuming and complicated. Most people that need the management, like small business owners and startup managers, are simply too consumed with the day to day tasks of trying to run their business to be able to stop and work on their online presence. For these people, the best resource that they can have is the enlistment of an online reputation management company. You can easily find one of these companies here. Remember that although it may cost a bit of money to hire one of these companies, it will likely pay off in future business.

When it comes to parties and events, it is important to start far ahead of the time. For instance, the best time to start planning an event is about a month before the event starts. This gives people enough time to decide on what theme they want for their event. This also gets people to work out how many people they are expecting to attend their party. This makes it easier for them to get enough of what they need to serve the guests of the party. It is also important to determine whether or not they are going to need the help of professionals.

Fortunately, there are professionals that have a lot of experience with party planning. One event planning company in NYC that people can trust is 23 Layers. This firm has tons of professionals that are not only very experienced with party planning, but they are also passionate about bringing out a theme that will not only work flawlessly, but get the audience to enjoy themselves more than they thought they ever would. 23 Layers is also very experienced when it comes to finding the right equipment for the party. For instance, they know which speakers will bring out the best quality in sound.

23 Layers knows how to find the right sound system for the venue when it comes to events. They factor in every aspect of the location. Among the factors they look at are the size and the acoustics of the place. This is so that they can find the right system with the right wattage in order to bring forth high quality sound. One thing that could ruin the experience is if the sound is lacking punch because the sound system is too small for the room. Another issue is if the sound has too much of an echo for the party to be able to enjoy it. Twenty Three Layers is filled with event planners in NYC that make sure that they have the right equipment for people to enjoy.

If you have visited or you stay in Arroyo Grande in San Luis Obispo, you have probably heard of the Manse on Marsh. This is a big community of senior citizens who live together and who get assisted living care from the facility. The community is in the form of a campus with a wide range of activities and options when it comes to accommodation. If you are looking for a place to house your loved one who has retired or who would like to age gracefully in an environment that mimics home, the Manse on Marsh is your best bet.

One of the evidences that the Manse on Marsh is a reputed facility is the fact that it has been reviewed and rated highly on several online platforms. One of these sites is which is a senior care directory that helps consumers assess and rate the services of senior care facilities. In 2016, the Manse on Marsh got the Caring Star award because of the high ratings which they received from online consumers. These are families and friends of loved ones who reside at the facility. This is not the first time for the Manse on Marsh to win the coveted award. In fact, it is their second award of its kind.

Anyone who is thinking of a facility that would enhance the quality of life of their loved one while they age should think of the Manse on Marsh. The community is built in order to serve the community of Arroyo Grande as well as the rest of the nation. In fact, the Manse on Marsh gets residents from all over the country. It is no wonder that it is reputed for being one of the best retirement facilities and the nation’s best. Residents are cared for depending on their unique needs and level of dependency.

At the Manse on Marsh, it is not uncommon to see residents engaging in an array of activities, be it sports or dinner events. They also go on excursion, shopping and drives. Choose the facility for your loved one and you will not regret it.

Doe Deere is a creative and imaginative individual. Make no mistake about it: ever since she was a kid, she possessed these two impressive personality traits. After her fun experimentation with her bold and daring makeup choices, her Twitter exploded with excited girls who would patiently wait for her next fascinating cosmetic tutorial. Nothing was off limits for Doe Deere; she would glue rhinestones to her eyebrows, mess around with theatrical makeup, and utilize color glitters. Then she developed her own makeup line – Lime Crime.

Her makeup brand is primarily based online. It all began when she called her eBay store “limecrime” which was fabulous for her, since green is one of her favorite colors – and it rhymed. Plus, you could even consider the “crime” part of the name as a little dangerous, which is symbolic of her daring makeup line.

If you visit the Lime Crime website, you will notice that Doe Deere refers to her customers as unicorns. This is pretty expected due to her bold and creative nature. Her customers are mostly referred to as unicorns because she likes to enforce their uniqueness.

The makeup is top-notch. Lime Crime is the makeup solutions for courageous makeup choices. Not only that, but if you believe in high quality makeup brands which are vegan and cruelty-free, this is your brand new cosmetic go-to.

She sells a wide variety of impressive makeup choices, which is sure to please anybody who wants to make a difference or to challenge typical beauty standards. Her metallic lipsticks are one of the most mesmerizing on Lime Crime, and you are fortunate enough to view other girls who have tried on the product, which displays her true talent and true quality of her items.

Her eyeshadows are highly pigmented and, in short, absolutely stunning. Mostly shimmery, they truly make a statement!

Out of all of the creative makeup lines in the online world, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime line is definitely your best bet. Be daring and fun by experimenting with her exciting makeup!

Within half a decade, Town Residential has transformed into a market leader in the New York real estate industry. The luxury service firm is led by a team of representatives who have unparalleled experience and commitment to meeting the needs of clients. The company has proved its commitment to accountability by publicizing what many calls proprietary data. Towards the end of its second quarter, the company had transacted over $1.225 billion in leasing volume and total sales. The total comprised of 1,735 leasing transaction sides and 593 sales transactions. The proprietary data represent the business in the New York City area alone.

Diversified portfolio of services

 Town Residential addresses the unique demands of its clients by availing a diversified portfolio of services to them. The firm focuses on luxury residential sales, property marketing, property leasing, and sales. The company develops commercial and retail properties and sells them. With uncompromising principles and dedication of turning ideas into actions, Town Residential has become a dominant player in the real estate industry.

Town Representatives

The firm has a team of specialist who uses their professional expertise and creativity to oversee its strategic growth and investment plans. The experts have created a winning culture within the firm, which has enabled it to win several accolades and recognitions from the real estate community. Town Residential won the Best Firm to Work For and made it to the top 50 of ideal places to work in the New York City. The company’s offices are strategically positioned in the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods offering easy access to clients as well as representatives. Each office has a Town Square, a convenient meeting point designed to promote collaboration and networking among employees, customers, and neighbors.

Upcoming projects

The firm’s upcoming development projects consist of two first grade upper west side projects, which will comprise of an approximated 50 prime homes. The company is planning to construct a 126 unit building at 300 West 122nd Street. Other projects include a 60-story building at 303 East 44th Street and a boutique apartment block at the East 81 Street.

Executive leadership

Andrew Heiberger

Since founding Town Residential in 2010, Andrew Heiberger has been an instrumental leader in charge of the firm’s business plan and long-term vision. Under his gifted leadership, the company boasts a team of more than 500 certified Representatives and reputable experts within seven conveniently located neighborhood offices. Since inception, the firm has transacted over $9.5 billion and has maintained the quality of its services at a top-notch level. CEO Andrew has a B.A. and J.D from the University of Michigan and University of Miami School of Law respectively.

Jacqueline Pestana, COO

Jacqueline Pestana oversees the daily operations of Town Residential. She is in charge of several departments such as Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Facilities, Listings, and IT. Jacqueline ventured into the real estate sector in 2002 after joining the Citi Habitats-based office. Her responsibilities and impact have continued to increase over the past 15 years making her one of the most respected leaders in the real estate scene.

Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Your lips are continuously exposed to a never-ending cycle of wet to dry. Combine that with sun, wind and cold and you can easily see why your lips dry out and crack. Your lips are covered with skin that is very similar to the rest of the skin on your body. There is one major difference. The skin on your lips has no oil glands to keep them moist. Consequently your lips require extra protection.
Applying lip balm when needed is an easy and inexpensive way to add needed moisture to our lips. Lip balm is sold almost everywhere, from your local pharmacy to the neighborhood filling station. That said, all lip balms are not the same. Some lip balms can actually dry out your lips because they contain petroleum based ingredients. Our advice would be to not use a lip balm containing any petroleum product.

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm that will not only add much needed moisture to your lips, it will also keep your lips smooth and beautiful. Evolution of Smooth or EOS, as it is often called, is loaded with non-toxic ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. The lip balm is also dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, while containing no petroleum products.

Evolution of Smooth lip balm is available in stick form or the very popular Smooth Sphere. The Smooth Sphere is available on your local Walmart store or on Amazon in a variety of colors and flavors. Flavors such as strawberry, pomegranate and blueberry are among the more popular flavors available in a Smooth Sphere however, there are several other great flavors to choose from. Being very compact and lightweight, they are as easy to carry as a traditional stick lip balm.

Choosing the right lip balm is not that difficult. Shop for Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm and you can rest assured you have made the right choice. Visit their online shop at


Shaygan Kheradpir will be taking over for Pat DiPietro as CEO at Coriant. The telecommunications giant had to look no further than parent company, Marlin Equity Partners, where Kheradpir was an Operations Executive, in finding their new CEO. In this role, Kheradpir worked closely with senior management at Coriant for almost a year.

Experienced Leadership
Coriant says goodbye to former CEO Pat DiPietro, who will take over Kheradpir’s old role at Marlin Equity Partners. DiPietro had only the highest praise for Coriant’s new boss and highlighted Kheradpir’s experience, insight, and ability to drive the company to new heights as reasons for his appointment. Experience is one of Kheradpir’s strong suits. He has over 28 years of experience in the telecommunications business. He has worked at Verizon, GTE, and Barclays Bank in various capacities of executive management, and it is this experience that Coriant’s hierarchy will aide him in his tenure as CEO. More information about Kheradpir’s appointment can be found here.

Education and Experience
Kheradpir grew up Iran but attended university in the United States. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and P.H.D. from Cornell University in engineering. His first position was at GTE Laboratories, where he worked in various capacities, eventually becoming Chief Information Officer. After this, he was appointed as CIO of Verizon and oversaw the FiOS project. He then was named as Chief Technology Officer of Barclays Bank. He was tasked with bringing the bank into the 21st century by heading up the company’s TRANSFORM plan. His position before joining Marlin Equity Partners was as CEO of Juniper Networks. Here he developed the Integrated Operating Plan and was tasked with growing the Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking departments.

Committees and Conclusion
Along with executive positions in business, Kheradpir, holds several leadership roles in various committees. He is on the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is also on the advisory board of the Cornell Engineering Council and the YMCA of Greater New York. Through holding these various roles, Kheradpir, has honed his leadership skills over 28 years. It is evident that Coriant has chosen the right man for their new CEO and it will be interesting to see how much the company grows under his watch.

Follow Kheradpir on Twitter @shaygank

Everyone dreams of living a life that is happy, and carefree. For most people, that is just a dream, and not a dream come true. You may be thinking about your own retirement, and if you’re able to live the dream of retiring early with the money you need to take care of yourself and your family. No one should have to worry about being able to pay bills or put food on the table when they retire, and The Midas Legacy can help make this dream of retiring early a reality.

How can they help you? The Midas Legacy can help by offering you capital if you have the potential and the great drive to make positive impacts in the lives of people involved in real estate, finance, natural health, and entrepreneurship.

The unique process of beginning the success journey for you is when you consult with The Midas Legacy. Being a client, you will receive a free guide that gives you tips and insight into how to build and manage your wealth better. The guide is called The Midas Code. The business experts within The Midas Legacy will help guide you into various business sectors. Experts in the group are well-known stock market shareholder, entrepreneurs, and well-renowned authors. Their mission is to make sure you are able to achieve the level of success you have envisioned.

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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Wall Street Informer

Other experts within the group, like Jim Samson, can help. Jim has almost 20 years experience in real estate, and is a very successful trader. He is also a best-selling author. Sean Bower, another expert, is involved in finance. He is a well known business writer and has contributed to The Midas Legacy website for many years. Mark Edwards, another, is a well-known figure in the world of natural health cures. Mark can show you how to build your health without the use of expensive prescription drugs. He is the one expert the drug companies want to keep you away from.

The Midas Legacy is an avid believer in giving back to the community. They believe that in giving, you will receive. The give generously to the Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Give Hope Foundation, the Salvation Army, and many more.

You can achieve your dreams of living a retirement that’s care-free from worry. You can be healthy naturally without expensive prescriptions. It can all be achieved with the help of The Midas Legacy.

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The field of makeup is one that is fiercely competitive. Consumers today find themselves with more choices than ever before. It is with this realization that those who run makeup companies have come to understand that they must be prepared to do ever more to reach out to their followers. Someone who fully understands this process is makeup entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere talks about her own desire to reach out to her customers in a recent article that included an interview she gave to Galore Magazine. Here, she speaks directly to her many fans about her life, her career and her future plans for her brand.

Creating Lime Crime

Deere has always been someone who has been drawn to the world of the artist. Even as a young woman, she knew that her life would be all about color and artistry. This is very much a philosophy that she has adopted as she has grown up. Her world is one that she wants to share with others. It is one in which that people can find their own path along with her as she creates new ways of seeing the world through makeup. As a woman, she knows that she can reach out to others and help other woman express their own inner passions. This is what led her to create Lime Crime, her own personal boutique company where she can let out her viewpoint of the world and help others do the same through the use of makeup as well. Read more:

Coloring Outside The Lines

Being able to see the world through different eyes is something that fascinates her. She aims to offer a viewpoint through the use of makeup and fashion that she knows that she can provide and one that is extremely fun at the same time. She wants to provide her customers with a place where they can always find new looks of all kinds. To this end, she is always experimenting with new kinds of color combinations. Her world is one in which all colors are hers for the taking. It might be emerald and lime green one day and then a slashing, bright let it all go shade of the most open shades of blue the very next. She wants her customers to feel that very same sense of freedom that she does, to let them use makeup in the same way that she has.

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