All life is important, and that is what the esteemed Securus Technologies does by making life worth living even to the inmates. Securus Technology has been long serving prison and correctional facilities with communication technology services. This help inmates communicate with their family, lawyers, friends, and also within the convicted perimeter walls.


Richard A. Smith, the Chairman, and CEO of the Securus Technologies recently reported that they could frequently do new product development for efficiency and effectiveness of the correctional procedures. This has been aided by the feedback received in the form of letters and emails that have helped identify their areas of strength and those that require improvement. This continuous evaluation has made Securus Technologies be ranked among the largest companies in curbing crime through technology.


Some of the feedback and reviews of the company’s functionality have been positive. They have established a proportional relationship with the facility’s ability to provide public safety, monitor flow of things, and allow for investigation and correction of inmates. Sample customer comments tell of the good of this technology. For instance, the controlled and recorded calls have helped arrest associate wrong doers, track down societal ills such as drug trafficking and abuse, fraudulent money laundering, illegally acquired assets, perpetrators of crime among others.


Their database can give leads through which the investigative tool can follow. Just recently, some corrupt jail and prison official has had to face the full force of the law for either collaborating with inmates or unethical practices. Networking with legal advisors has helped some inmates be relieved of a sentence. More positively, inmates can go through sessions of corrections monitored by the system.


About Securus Technologies

Secures technologies was established in 1986 by Richard Falcone but presently headed by CEO Richard Smith since 2008. It has partnered with Harris Corporation for technological advancement. Apparently, it has effective systems such as Managed Access Solutions, GPS Tracking, Cell Defender Technology and the up to date Wireless Containment Solutions.


The civil litigators are a multi-tasker and starting from when he or she picks up the case. Litigators not only have to take care of the legal proceedings, but attorney also needs to do a considerable amount of investigative work as well. It can include collecting medical records, statements from the witness, receiving documents from all the concerned authorities and organizations, and more. Gathering evidence is an important part of the litigation process as it helps in strengthening the case.

When there is sufficient evidence available to make the case sufficiently high, a civil litigator will reach out to the other party to ask for an out of the court settlement. It is a widely known fact that many of the legal cases are closed through the out of the court settlement and is a widely used practice. It helps in saving time as well as considerable amount of money as the court proceedings may take months or even years to reach a decision, and the legal expenses can build up fast over time. In many cases when the settlement is not reached, the discovery phase is resumed next, and the case goes to trial.

Karl Heideck is one of the most noted civil attorneys from the Greater Philadelphia region, and over the years has successfully fought numerous cases for his clients that range from individuals to large scale organizations. Karl Heideck is considered an authority on the niche of compliance law and mergers and acquisitions. The authority of Karl Heideck on compliance law is unchallenged in Philadelphia. Karl Heideck suggests and outlines a operational model for his clients to stay compliant as per the government’s guidelines. It ensures that his clients does not attract any penalties and continues to operate within the framework suggested by the government. Karl Heideck has done graduation from Swarthmore College and studied law at James Beasley School of Law.

One major challenge facing the modern world is the high mortality rate caused by diseases. These diseases are mostly chronic illnesses which haven’t had any or significant treatment breakthrough over the decades. This has led medical practitioners to come up with institutions that deal with the development of targeted therapy drug for such diseases. One of the most notable medical practitioners in this area is Dr. Clay Siegall. He is the founder and CEO of a biotech firm based in Seattle, dabbed as Seattle Genetics.

About Seattle Genetics

The firm focuses more on finding significant breakthroughs in medicine. Its way of achieving this, is by continually developing targeted therapy drugs for such diseases. Seattle Genetics was founded in the year 1998, and since then, Dr. Clay Siegall has steered the firm to a remarkable height. The firm developed the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate that has over the time received substantial approvals. The firm has strategically partnered with various drug manufacturers such as; Genentech, Pfizer, Bayer among others, in providing a wide range of variety of drugs that have proven to be remarkable. Under his leadership, the firm has seen great improvement in growth. During its early years in the industry the company had very few and not well known researchers. This soon changed over the years and currently it’s among the top players in the Research on Cancer.

Dr. Siegall does not plan to stop there yet, this is because the list of drugs in the development pipeline is still growing and need reliable firms such Seattle Genetics for a breakthrough. The struggle in offering effective treatment against these diseases still prove to be challenging but firms such as Seattle are still keeping up the fight. Dr. Clay Siegall will not stop nor give up on ensuring that we all have a healthier world.

Personal Details on Dr. Siegall

Dr. Siegall has involved himself in capital raising, whereby he managed to secure $675 million through public and private donors who were in support for his work. Early in his life, he previously worked with National Institutes of Health, for a period ranging from 1988 to 1991. He later joined a research institute, where he worked from 1991 to 1997, known as Bristol-myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. His reputation and knowledge in his area of expertise allowed him to serve on the board of directors of a private biotechnology company Alder Biopharmaceuticals. In addition, Dr Siegall is an author and holds more than 70 publications and 15 patents under his name. He received his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He surely is a force to reckon with in this industry.

Foresight Capital Management is the company that Jim Tananbaum started. He created a company where people would become much more familiar with the concept of growth management through healthcare investing. This is his area of specialty, and this is what has allowed him to make millions in this healthcare industry.

In a report by Biz Journals, the thing that has taken his income over the top is his investments in biotechnology and food allergy analysis companies. This is where he has gain an understanding of the healthcare industry, and he has continued to invest in an industry such as this to increase his income and also give clients a better access to returns on investment.

According to INC42, Jim also created GelTex and Theravance. He has worked with earlier companies that he created before he found it Foresight Capital Management. It would be through these early companies that created non-systemic drugs that Jim Tananbaum would become interested in the healthcare industry. It was during this time where he gained an understanding of various drugs and various health care procedures that he realized the prophets and the earnings that could be reaped from healthcare Investments.

This would be the thing that would help Jim realize what he needed to do in order to turn his attention towards investments funds in healthcare. That is exactly what he made a decision to do when he opened his Foresite Capital management firm. He knew the ropes of the healthcare industry, and he was aware of the things that would yield a great return on investment. That gave him the knowledge and the passion to start his own healthcare investment fund company. This would also give him the chance to reach out to those clients that were interested in investing in healthcare, but they may not have had any direction on how they wanted to proceed in doing this.

Tananbaum allowed himself to grow in the healthcare industry before he started making major investments in it. He gave himself time to actually sort out the details of starting healthcare companies before he transitioned into a place where he would become a manager of healthcare funds.

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Securus provides cutting-edge technologies that connect individuals on a peer to peer basis, thus allowing them to connect in ways that were previously difficult or required large amounts of technology. Securus uses phone to phone and video to video services to allow businesses and jails to offer their customers the best possible communication services’ technology has to offer. With $.21 and $.25 rates varying state by state, the company offers a diverse selection of rates that cater to the needs of individuals and businesses without being extremely overpriced and not fordable. Prepaid services are also available for users who are looking for a way in which to connect with each other without having to worry about the minute to minute rates in the market.


Invaluable Services

Securus services offer unique jail voicemail services that allow users to be able to call their loved ones in jail and leave a message without having the stress of ever missing their call. With how sought after and valued jail phone time is, Securus phone calls have created an ability to provide phone calls that allow families and loved ones to never miss a call with those they have known in which are in jail. These phone calls provide users with incredibly valued voice time. Securus has always taken the mission of putting the two parties first over the service itself and utilize the service as a means of catering for the needs of the individuals at hand.


Success and Praise

Securus Technologies is a company dedicated towards video and phone communication. Their services have provided people with an easy and affordable way to communicate with each other through video chat and dedicated voice lines. Their efforts have been recognized by many businesses, and they continue to be one of the most praised communication tech companies in the market today.


Marc Sparks has recently moved offices to a setting optimized for collaboration and organization. Marc Sparks is an American businessman, venture capitalist, and a very experienced entrepreneur. He currently lives in Dallas and organizes a numerous amounts of portfolio companies. He also is head of Timber Creek Capital.


Mr. Sparks has owned many businesses and is very heavily involved in telecommunication. He has been involved with companies like Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. His work in venture investing and real estate has been highly recognized as well. Mr. Sparks has really taken to his philanthropic efforts; he has been involved with a numerous amounts of extra activities in the community. People around Dallas respect Marc Sparks for everything he has done for them.


When it comes to Marc’s work, he has been very successful in business. He is currently writing a novel to teach people how to be successful in the business career. His novel is called They Can’t Eat You, simply implying that if he can do it then anyone can do it. Mr. Sparks wants to inspire others with how he got to where he is now; stating that he was a C student and he still became a very successful entrepreneur.


One of Pittsburgh’s largest advertising agencies has informed everyone that Marc Sparks has recently launched Marketing Sparks, which is a brand new program to give new entrepreneurs the amazing opportunity to work with the best of the best marketing experts at the front-end of the business development process. Sparks has shown before that he really enjoys giving back to the community and this is another example of what a great guy he is. The main goal of the program is for the new entrepreneurs to use strategic and tactical marketing ideas to maximize their chances of success in the business development world.


The perfect wedding deserves the perfect photographer and videographer to capture your unique vision for the event. George Street Photo and Video Address is a wedding photo and video services company in New York City that matches couples with photographers and videographers. Their photo and video services accommodate a wide variety of wedding styles, from modern to vintage. In addition to the wedding itself, their photographers and videographers also do shoots for bridal portraits and engagements.

George Street has been awarded The Knot’s Best of Weddings Hall of Fame for their work. Reviewers on The Knot have said that the quality of service provided is “amazing” and that their photographers and videographers are “prompt, courteous, and professional.”

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Anthony G. Petrello is known by many in the petroleum industry as the CEO of Nabors Industries. He has been serving the company as an executive since 1991. After serving several different executive positions, he finally became the chairman in 2012. His previous career was with the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He practiced international and corporate law for the firm.

Nabors Industries is a large company that deals with petroleum, natural gas and geothermal drilling. They operate in Africa, North America, South America and East Asia. They also frequently provide offshore drilling services in the Gulf of Mexico. They have hundreds of oil rigs distributed around the United States and Canada. They currently have a huge workforce of over 26,000 employees worldwide.

Anthony Petrello is more than just involved with the petroleum industry, but rather some other exciting ventures as well. He used to serve as the director of, a defunct multimedia company. He is also currently the director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony, along with his wife Cynthia, has taken great interest in children’s healthcare due to their own daughter’s illness. Their daughter Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia since an early age. The illness has also lead her to devlop cerebral palsy. She has had difficulting performing basic tasks like chewing food, but modern research has helped her improve gradually. They have both contributed over $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital as well as serving leading roles in the hospital. Since research of the disease is very scarce, they decided to start their own project in their hometown of Houston.

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Human Rights Foundation (HRF) founder, Thor Halvorssen has a long history of activism and has become one of the most recognizable fighters for human rights around the globe. Given his family tree, it is no wonder that Halvorssen has gravitated towards activism.

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to activists parents. But his activist lineage goes back even further. His paternal grandfather was a council to the King of Norway in Venezuela during WW II and reportedly got into an altercation with a few Nazis during his tenure.

His mother is a direct descendant of the first president of Venezuela as well as Simon Bolivar, the military leader who helped Venezuela gain its independence from Spain.

The Halvorssen clan has been fighting tyrants and dictators for generations. And they have paid the price for dissent. Halvorssen’s father was thrown in prison after exposing corruption in the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot during an anti-Chavez rally. Even his cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, is being held as a political prisoner for standing up to Hugo Chavez, the one-time despotic president of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to governmental persecution and violence. He has repeatedly been detained and roughed up by law enforcement in several countries. Most recently, he was detained and searched after interviewing ThichQuang Do, the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. Do has been under house arrest for 28 years as the government has banned the church.

Halvorssen was arrested and “aggressively” interviewed until he convinced authorities that he was merely a Buddhist convert who was only seeking spiritual instruction from Do.While so many activists today are content with signing an online petition and sharing a hashtag on social media, it is Halvorssen and HRF who are getting their hands dirty, bringing the fight directly to tyrants and dictators all over the world.

Halvorssen founded HRF in 2005 and has been guiding it to fight for the rights of citizens all over the world. Their main focus has always been to protect and promote human rights for every person, with a special focus on closed societies like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.


There are a number of tips to live by when planning a successful party, while also making the process more stress-free. It’s important to approach things in an organized fashion, get started early on the prep work, and host an event that will be memorable for the guests.

The best way to stay organized is to create a master to-do list that lists every specific action that needs to be taken during the planning schedule. This includes creating shopping lists and guest lists. It also helps if you create a theme to tie the whole event together into a cohesive whole. Sending out a mailed invite is more fun and personal than sending an email. Many b&m retail and online stores feature lots of unique designs that can tie into your theme.

Having a self-serve bar is a good idea. It gives the guests the chance to concoct their own drinks and is a conversation starter. Another good idea is to also offer a specialty drink that goes with the theme you created for the event. Additionally, appetizers should be relatively simple and can even serve in the place of a conventional sit-down meal.

A kids’ table that includes activities for them to do is a great idea. This also allows the parents to enjoy conversations and activities with others instead of needing to constantly watch over what their children are doing.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC. They provide a suite of services that can plan and manage every aspect of an event for their clients. The party planners at Twenty Three Layers have deep experience in using their creativity to give guests an event that they will always remember.

In addition to planning private events, Twenty Three Layers also has corporate event planners in NYC that can create a dazzling event for any size company. Twenty Three Layers has cultivated relationships with exclusive establishments throughout New York City as well as catering companies and others involved in creating parties. Due to this, Twenty Three Layers has become one of the leading event planners in the city.